2017-08-12, 08:28:34


What's good friends, today we're going to look at a handful of trip-Hop/downtempo albums. Trip-hop is kind of blend of electronic and hip-hop, yet entirely unique in its own right, not borrowing too strongly from either root. Typically trip-hop is very laid back, although as you'll hear in some of these albums, it can also be rather discordant/experimental at times. The selection of albums here I believe provides a pretty broad look at the spectrum of trip-hop, along the axes of hip-hop/electronic and experimental/tame.

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2017-07-07, 15:47:42

Indie Folk

Hello friends, and apologies for the delay between posts. Exams being the main culprit here, which kept me extremely busy over the past month. This post will be the first of probably many on the topic as I truly love folk music in all its forms, more on that and the 5 albums I selected after the break. The topic this time is Indie Folk, which doesn't really mean a whole lot, but conjures images of contemporary acoustic-and-banjo folk music typical of the English-speaking West (Britain, USA, Canada, Australia).

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2017-05-29, 10:49:13

Electronic tasting platter

Hello, and welcome to the first actual post since reviving this blog. This topic here is "electronic music", which is probably the broadest genre conceivable in music, so to tackle it I've decided to provide a handful of varied electronic albums that I quite like. They're by no means my definitive taste in electronic music, they're simply five albums I like.

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Here's a test file of Brassroots - s/t It's a good album. Lemme know if it works and stuff o/

2013-03-03, 16:26:13

Get out of here, Stalker

Lately I've been wasting my time doing another replay of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, which is probably my favourite game. This time with the L.U.R.K mod, which I believe was a project led by /v/ of all things. Naturally the team fell apart, but not before getting a v1.1 out which aside from being absolutely gorgeous, rebalances a whole bunch of things and really brings out the best in the game (though some may disagree).

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2013-03-03, 14:28:45

Apology and welcome

I am so sorry. I can just tell this is a terrible idea.

And with that out of the way, welcome!
Twitter posts being too small to actually give my 2¢ on an album and include a link and pretty pictures, I figured that this might well be the way to go. I'm aware there's a lot of music blogs out there, but as it so happens there's people who like what I like and may just appreciate something like this. It also serves as a way for me to archive my thoughts, so that's grand.