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posted 2017-07-19, 14:13:56
updated 2017-07-19, 14:13:56

BLM 4.0 Battlewitch Glamour

Hello! Welcome to first post. As something of a test I figured I'd write about my most recent glamour, which is also my first and so far only glamour of stormblood, and that's the one I did for my BLM once I hit 70.

The glamour consists of:

  • Weapon - Lilith Rod Zeta
  • Head - Ruby Cotton Hat of Casting (Grape Purple)
  • Body - Serge Gambison of Casting (Grape Purple)
  • Gloves - Alexandian Gloves of Casting (Grape Purple)
  • Legs - Alexandrian Bottoms of Casting (Grape Purple)
  • Feet - Alexandian Boots of Casting (Grape Purple)

This was something I whipped up pretty quickly after hitting 70, made entirely from stuff I happened to have in my inventory - The Alexandrian pieces I had in my inventory for my SMN's level 60 gearset, and the hat and gambison are both crafted pieces I picked up as MSQ rewards that I never actually used, but immediately saw glamour potential and picked them up for that reason. I'm probably going to end up using the hat and gambison both together and seperately in other glamours, as I think they both look incredible. The hat especially, with the kink in the top has extremely good witch vibes. I also have ideas for a RDM glamour with the gambison, but that'll have to wait until my RDM is actually leveled enough to equip it.